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Browse through the courses and decide which ones fit with your interests and your overall brand.

Click to purchase and you immediately receive to your inbox a link to download all the course elements, including PDFs, texts of social media posts, narration files…  

There is nothing else to pay – no memberships, no monthly subscriptions, no on-going license fees.

Just pay for the courses you want, once only fee per course. 

It’s that simple!

You are free to modify anything you like.  For instance, you can:

  • Add your own logo and website link
  • Use the provided narration files and record your own voice or use AI for voice and video
  • You can even change the courses into another language

Oh, and while all our white label courses are text-based so you can easily brand them and modify them to your heart’s content, here is the platform we use ourselves when we create programs with AI voiceover and video selection:

The list is almost endless!

The courses are now yours to do with what you wish!

You are free to rebrand, reuse, and resell the courses however you like – and there is no need for attribution.

…and we even have step-by-step instructions (and the occasional Q&A webinar) on how you can modify them, how you can add your own logo, your own voice, your own video.

You can also:

  • Repurpose the content in a variety of different ways
  • Use the content to conduct your own webinars…

Just think of the possibilities!

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Simplicity Meets Affordability

One-Time Fee, No Hidden Costs: Dive into the world of course creation with financial peace of mind. Our transparent, once-only payment model ensures that your investment in your white label, done-for-you courses is straightforward and affordable. Say goodbye to unexpected bills and recurring fees. With, you invest once and enjoy the benefits indefinitely.

A Comprehensive Package Tailored for Success

Everything You Need, All in One Place: From in-depth course materials to engaging narration scripts, from actionable PDFs to compelling marketing assets, our package has it all. Ready to customize and meticulously designed and developed by an expert with over 30 years of experience in the professional and personal development industries, our content is crafted to perfection, awaiting your unique touch.

Flexibility That Fuels Creativity

Your Course, Your Brand: Our customizable package empowers you to infuse your courses with your brand’s ethos and identity. Modify, adapt, and brand the materials to resonate with your audience, ensuring your course stands out in the competitive e-learning landscape.  You can add your own voice, your own videos, your own images – make these courses feel truly your own!

In a world where surprises often come in the form of unexpected bills, we stand by simplicity and transparency. Our revolutionary model offers you the complete package for a flat, affordable, once-only fee per course. No hidden costs, no recurring charges—just pure, unadulterated value. Invest once and reap the benefits for years to come. This commitment to transparency is our promise to you, ensuring that your journey into course creation is smooth, predictable, and filled with only pleasant surprises.

What’s Included?

Basically, we provide you everything that is text-based, and you can simply add your logo, images, audio, video – whatever you like!  (and if doing that is something relatively new for you, we even provide guidance and suggested links etc, free of charge).

  • The Entire Course: High-quality, comprehensive course material text files ready to be branded.
  • Narration Script Texts: Engaging content and dialogues, crafted for impact.
  • PDFs with Action Plans: Structured guides to enhance the learning experience.
  • Marketing Materials: Captivating course descriptions and landing page copy.
  • Social Media Posts: Content to generate buzz and attract learners.
  • Learning Outcomes: Clearly defined goals to communicate the value of your course.
  • Customizable eBook: Fully written ebook (2000-4000+ words) on the topic of the course, presented as a text (txt) file for maximum ease of customization

The Ultimate Solution for Aspiring Course Creators

Are you daunted by the prospect of creating a course from scratch? Overwhelmed by the immense task of developing content, scripting, and designing impactful learning outcomes? We understand the struggle and we have the perfect solution for you.

Welcome to, where your course creation dreams become a reality with ease and efficiency. Our service is a game-changer for educators, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to launch their own branded courses without the hassle or expense of traditional course development.

Why Choose

  • A Complete Package: Receive a fully-prepared course, from comprehensive written material to engaging narration scripts, all ready for launch. This is not just any course, but one tailored to perfection, waiting to make its mark in the learning world.

  • Value-Added Materials: Along with the core content, you’ll get PDFs, action plans, course descriptions, landing page copy, learning outcomes, and a suite of social media text. These materials are meticulously designed to guide learners effectively and market your course successfully.

  • Flexibility and Customization: Our content is your canvas. You have the freedom to modify, brand, and adapt the materials to fit your vision. Whether you’re creating videos, webinars, or using the content in unique ways, our package is as flexible as your creativity allows.
  • Save Time, Effort, and Resources: Developing a course from scratch can drain your resources. We offer a turnkey solution that saves you time, effort, and money, allowing you to focus on what you do best—teaching and expanding your brand.

…and if you haven’t done so already, you might like to check out the, “How Much Money Can You Make” page for even more ideas!

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Revolutionize Your Course Creation Journey

With, creating your own branded course has never been easier. Embrace the revolution in course creation and join the ranks of satisfied course creators who have transformed their ideas into reality. Our comprehensive package, flexible customization options, and commitment to value stand ready to serve your needs.

Don’t let the complexities of course creation hold you back. Visit today to start your journey towards effortless, effective, and engaging course creation.

Your Course, Your Brand, Your Success

At, we’re not just providing a service; we’re offering a partnership in success. Let’s create something remarkable together.

White Label, PLR, Done For You Courses

Your journey to becoming a course reseller starts here!

Why This Is a Game-Changer

This a revolution in course creation. By eliminating the traditional barriers of high costs and complex development processes, democratizes access to high-quality education. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, educator, coach, or consultant, our solution provides everything you need to transform your brand into a powerful learning experience. All for a flat, once-only fee per course – and with the flexibility to make each course truly your own.