Take a look at what can be created with the white label courses

We have provided you with (1) two examples of what the courses might look like when voiced by AI and hosted on a learning platform – but that’s not all…

Below that, you will also find (2) our suggestion for a learning platform (it is the same one used in the examples), and also (3) our suggestion for an online platform that can voice your courses with AI voices and also use AI to select videos for you!  Again, this is the same platform we used to create the examples for you.

We want to do everything we can to make you successful, so if you have any questions – reach out!  If you prefer webinars, we have you covered!  Our primary focus is on helping YOU be successful and in your mission and vision to help others.  Let us know how else we can support, and if we can, we will!

View Courses in Action

Want to see what your courses could look like?  We have you covered.

We have created a sample learning platform with two of our courses on the platform.

You have the option to use the text-based files we provide upon purchase in an almost infinite number of ways – in this instance, we have used AI to provide the voiceover, select the videos, and create the captions, to give you a sample of what you might do with your courses.

You can choose to use AI, you can record the video and audio yourself – there are endless possibilities!

To view this sample learning platform, please visit:


Learning Platform Choices

Not sure what learning platform to choose?  Not a problem.

We have been in this industry for so many years (it would give away our age if we told you!) and believe that this platform is the one that provides the greatest ease of use and levels of customer service of any that we tested and explored.

We love the platform so much we have partnered with them and, at the time of creating this page, we are able to offer you a LIFETIME ONE-PAYMENT DEAL of only $99 – simply go to:  https://bit.ly/OnlineCourseHost-LifetimeDeal – hopefully the deal is still available.

If not, all good – they still have among the best pricing in the industry!  You can learn more HERE.

White you could always go with platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare, and there are pros and cons for all of them, we prefer platforms where we have full control over our content and not be at the whim of an external party who can shut us down – I guess we are just rebels like that.  

Using AI to Create Your Videos

Don’t know how to use AI to create your videos?  We’re here to help.

For us, out of the huuuuge array of options available, there is one that stands out both for their features and for their level of customer support.

Imagine being able to do all this:

To learn more, simply click HERE.

How-To Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Need more help in the form of Webinars and Q&A Sessions?  We have you covered there as well!

You also receive invitations to webinars and Q&A sessions with the creator of these programs, Ms Bella St John.

Not only will she be able to answer your questions on more ways than you can think of to use the content, but also how to create videos for them using tools like Canva -and even how to create videos for your courses using AI (and if that’s all new to you, don’t worry – Bella has been using these tools for years and is more than happy to share her knowledge, tips, and tricks with you).

She will also give you information on how you can record your narration audio using a fabulous FREE recording program that she still uses herself!

…and SO much more!

When you receive an invitation to the next Q&A webinar, you will also be able to submit your specific questions in advance – and if your questions are not addressed on the webinar itself, Bella and her team will make sure you receive an answer via email.

We are here to support you every step of the way – all you have to do is reach out if you need anything.

“We want to do everything in our power to make sure you have all the information you need to be successful using these courses!”

~ Ms Bella St John, Program Creator

…and if you haven’t done so already, you might like to check out the, “How Much Money Can You Make” page for even more ideas!

Click HERE to learn more!

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