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Below you will find the complete list of courses currently available, with many more in progress and about to go live.  We also usually add at least one or two new courses to the platform every week or two, so it’s a good idea to put a note in your calendar to check here at least once every two weeks for new additions!

What’s Included?

Basically, we provide you everything that is text-based, and you can simply add your logo, images, audio, video – whatever you like!  (and if doing that is something relatively new for you, you might like to check out the easy-to-use platform we often use ourselves when we create programs that do have AI voiceover and video selection:

The Entire Course: High-quality, comprehensive course material (text files and PDF) ready to be launched.

Narration Scripts: Engaging content and dialogues, crafted for impact (text files and PDF).

Customizable eBook: Fully written ebook on the topic of the course as a text file for maximum ease of customization.

PDFs with Action Plans: Structured guides to enhance the learning experience.

Social Media Posts: Content to generate buzz and attract learners (text files).

Marketing Materials: Captivating course descriptions and landing page copy (text files and PDF).

Support: Invitations to occasional webinars,  Q&A sessions, and the opportunity to ask questions direct via email.

Learning Outcomes: Clearly defined goals to communicate the value of your course (text files).

Personal Development


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Abundance Thinking


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Business Etiquette

Digital Nomad

Career & Professional Development

Disabled Freedom

Critical Thinking


Culture (Workplace)

Faith and Spirituality

Customer Service


Digital Nomad



Law of Attraction


Leaving a Legacy

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    Meditation and Vibration


    Mental Health

    Direct Marketing

      Personal Development


      Re-Design Your Life

        Mental Health


        Non-Profit Management



        Work From Home


        Writing and Journaling

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